pencil ilustradores
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Somos Pencil Ilustradores

Our relationship with illustrators and clients is narrow. We are all part of the same team, each one with respective tasks. Our challenge, to get the best from all of us to achieve beautiful results that fulfill the function they were conceived for.

It’s a privilege to have in our portfolio the creations of the artist we represent and the assignments of the clients who trusted us.


Sandra López

“I did it because nobody told me it was impossible”. This, and a little bit of courage and youth unconsciousness, were enough to take the first step in Pencil Ilustradores, just at the beginning of this century.

Before all this happened, I got a Law degree. And before and during my degree I could see at home how beautiful and hard an illustrator’s job is. It’s a happy coincidence that I adore doing what they hate to.

You’ll recognize me in professional forums for running, with a proud smile, the best portfolio illustrators.

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Ángel Domingo

Genetic dilettante and lazy pedestrian, I can’t swim or drive. I make up stories to amuse myself as I go for a walk because I’m unable to catch dreams. They get lost among pillow feathers.

From the window of the agency, constantly tasting a coffee, I watch a landscape sown by the imagination of the illustrators we collaborate with.

While others inform about soporific stock market fluctuations, I’m able to get up every morning because here we have a passport to a constellation full of bright asteroids, which is an irresistible temptation for a frustrated astronaut.

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With the talent of...

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