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Brígida Magazine

The unpublished works of thirteen authors integrate the first issue of Brígida, an international comic magazine made by women. For this year, three more editions are being projected with the collaboration of creators from different countries in Latin America.
Showing the work done by the comic authors and giving an account of the extensive repertoire of voices, themes and techniques are the objectives of the magazine, which will be released on a seasonal basis. The first issue includes the work of Sol Undurraga (on cover), Pati Aguilera (cartoonist with a space where she will tell her gastronomic anecdotes), Margarita Valdés, Magdalena Armstrong, Camila Barrales, Catalina Bustos, Karina Cocq, All Duarte, Sofia Flores, Amanda Mijangos, Florencia Olivos, Paloma Valdivia, Katherine Supnem and Arelis Uribe.

The magazine is managed by the cartoonists Pati Aguilera, Sol Diaz, Marcela Trujillo (Maliki) and the editor Isabel Molina.