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Welcome, Daniel Montero Galán!

Insomniac dreamer illustrator and compulsive creator. Daniel dedicates himself to the world of professional illustration for about twelve years, mainly in the publishing sector in Spain, directed both to adults (narrative and magazines) and children (teaching materials, fiction and picture books). 
Among his clients, it´s included some of the most prestigious Spanish publishers, such as Penguin Random House, SM, Santillana, Anaya or RBA.

He faces his work as a game in which coexists fun and effort. The rules change in each new challenge... His main tools are watercolor and pen.

Throughout his professional career he has illustrated over thirty books. Among them, he would highlight El gran Zooilógico (Jaguar, 2015), The Lonely Mailman (Cuento de luz, 2016), A la vista (Libre Albedrio, 2017) and the books he has made for the author Juan Mayorga in the publishing house La uÑa Rota.