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María Simavilla illustrated one of the texts selected at the 58th edition of the Coca-Cola Young Short Story Talent Contest.


Sandra Rilova illustrated the text titled Ralph Returns for Facebook.

Fundación Cadete's calendar

Estelí Meza illustrated the Fundación Cadete's solidarity calendar. It represents the milestones of improvement that a child with a disability faces throughout his life.

Christmas Cards with Correos

Correos congratulate us the next festivities with its collection of
Christmas Cards 2018, illustrated this year by Anuska Allepuz, Estelí Meza, Jacobo Muñiz, Juan Palomino, Laura Pérez and Laura Wächter.


David de las Heras illustrated a very special Hemper's gift for its #HemperWhiteweek. An illustration that represents the spirit of this unique brand.

World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) organizes the
World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW). One more year, OneBigRobot has designed the graphic for this campaign illustrated by Laura Pérez.


Laura Pérez has illustrated the cover of Farmapremium's catalog: Viva #21.


Álex Herrerías guides us through unique scenarios in the pages of Aire, the on-board magazine of Aeroméxico's airplanes.

Laus Prizes

Congratulations!! The campaign Sueños (Dreams) by
CONTRAPUNTO BBDO for Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (Spain), illustrated by Iban Barrenetxea, won a Bronze in the Laus Prizes (Art Direction - Illustration).

Feira na eira

Cinta Arribas illustrated the poster for Feira na eira festival in Santiago de Compostela.

Gau Zuria

Elena Odriozola illustrated the image for the Gau Zuria 2018 in Bilbao.

Camino de Santiago for pilgrims

Cinta Arribas has created an infographic poster to help pilgrims identify the official signs of the Camino de Santiago.


Pengüi, a character created by Álex Herrerías, you will learn more about the different worlds that the Penguin Random House authors have created for you.

Valladolid Book Fair

Raúl Allén illustrated the poster for 51 Valladolid Book Fair.


Felipe López transports us to the ancient Celtiberian city of Numancia, in Soria, which resisted eleven months of siege by the Roman army. In vignettes, the Junta de Castilla y León, together with the City Council and the Diputación de Soria, tell this story to the little visitors.

Can Llàtzer

Jesús Aguado illustrated the image of Horno Can Llàtzer, a project of labor insertion of ASPANADIF.

Nadal no Gaiás

The circus is the star of the Nadal no Gaiás program in Cidade da Cultura. Cinta Arribas illustrated its poster. Christmas and the circus have much in common: magic, fantasy, illusion...

Twenty years with APIV

The Associació Professional d'Il·lustradors de València (APIV) celebrates 20 years and the Generalitat of Valencia celebrates it editing an illustrated calendar for protocol use with different creators. Laura Pérez interprets her December while we wish APIV, at least, another 20 decades of activity.


Cinta Arribas illustrated the solidarity calendar of
Leaozinho. All proceeds will go to support their music schools in the refugee camp of Dakhla (Sahara) and the favelas of the Complexo de Maré (Rio de Janeiro).

Christmas cards for Correos

Correos invites us to congratulate the Christmas with this collection of cards for 2017, illustrated by Álex Herrerías, David de las Heras, Iban Barrenetxea, Jesús Aguado, Maite Gurrutxaga and Noemí Villamuza.

National lottery

Iban Barrenetxea illustrated the last campaign for National Lottery from Spain.

Cerveza Victoria

David de las Heras has collaborated with
Olga Subirós Studio in the ceramic mural for the new Cerveza Victoria's factory in Malaga. The illustration is a tribute to the traditional image of the brand.


Antonio Santos illustrated the poster for Perfiferias festival (Huesca).

Barco de Vapor

Pati Aguilera illustrated the poster of the call for the XII Concurso de Literatura Infantil El Barco de Vapor 2017 (Chile).

Galicia Escena Pro

Cinta Arribas illustrated the poster for Galicia Escena Pro, festival organized in Santiago de Compostela.

Cultural Heritage

Pati Aguilera designed the visual identity of Chile's Cultural Heritage Day.

Vanity Fair

Laura Perez clothes Carolina Herrera's Gold Incense perfume in Vanity Fair magazine.

El pelotari y la fallera

The beer brand
Amstel launches a special edition, inspired by its film project El Pelotari y la Fallera, consisting of sixteen label designs for bottles and five cans created by the illustrators Carla Fuentes and Iban Barrenetxea.

Ilumina 2017

Cinta Arribas illustrated the official poster for Ilumina Castiila y León 2017, meetings about illustrations in the book fairs organized by Junta de Castilla y León.

Salamanca Book Fair

María Simavilla illustrated the poster of the 37th Salamanca Book Fair.


Jokin Mitxelena is the author of the 20,000 bookmarks that commemorate, on April 23, the International Book Day in San Sebastian, organized by Donostia Kultura and the Gremio de Libreros de Gipuzkoa.

Calendar of loqueleo

Jesús Cisneros has illustrated the 2017 calendar of loqueleo.

Nadal no Gaiás

Cinta Arribas signs the image for
Nadal no Gaiás (Christmas in Galicia) at Cidade da cultura (City of Culture).

Nature from Chile

Pati Aguilera participates at the collective calendar Nature from Chile, published by La Flor Pipa, for 2017.

7 cepas

A wine collection, 7 Cepas, by
Solar de Samaniego, pays tribute to twelve writers represented by Elena Odriozola on each label of this Reserve.

Libros a la calle 2016

None day without poetry is the philosophy of
Libros a la calle, campaign promoted by Publishers Association from Madrid in the public transport. Raúl Allén illustrated Homenaje, poem by Juan Eduardo Cirlot.

#NiñezRefugiada with ACNUR

Flavia Zorrilla Drago has participated in the
#NiñezRefugiada UNHCR's digital campaign. The UN agency explains the reasons why children and adolescents are forced to flee the violence in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Ciutat Vella

Laura Pérez illustrated the streets of Valencia for the campaign Ciutat Vella recupera el carrer (Ciutat Vella recovers the street) promoted by Sustainable Mobility.


The brewer brand
Cruzcampo pays tribute to Seville, the Feria de Abril and its citizens with the campaign 'Sin ti no hay feria' (Without you there is no fair), developed by Publips Serviceplan with illustrations by Jesús Aguado.

Quincena Musical

Elena Odriozola signs the poster of the 77th edition of the Quincena Musical of Donostia / San Sebastián. She takes over from Eduardo Chillida, Ivan Zulueta, Vicente Ameztoy, José Luis Zumeta, Cristina Iglesias ...


David de las Heras illustrated the poster for
Mecal, Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival.

Dream of a summer night

Dream of a summer night is the theme chosen by Flavia Zorrilla Drago to commemorate the second anniversary of the blog Linternas y bosques (Llanterns and forests), specializing in criticism of children's literature.

Illustrated dreams

Flavia Zorrilla Drago participates at the calendar Illustrated Dreams. February picks Everything I dreamed and October is dedicated to When I dreamed I was a mermaid.

Chencho y la bombilla mágica

Did you ask where Christmas was? The answer is given by
El Corte Inglés in Chencho y la bombilla mágica (Chencho and the magic bulb), the story of its Christmas campaign, based on an idea of *S, C, P, F... with the artistic direction of Erretres, whose story has been written by Ángel Domingo and illustrated by María Simavilla.

Nórdica Infantil

Elena Odriozola illustrated the logo for the collection of Nordica Libros for younger readers of the library.


Laura Pérez's illustrations for Walmart.

Red Bull

Gianluca Foli is full of energy in this partnership for a spot of Red Bull.

Salamanca Book Fair

Tomás Hijo illustrated the poster for the Salamanca Book Fair.

Libros a la calle

Violeta Lópiz and Raúl Allén participate in 'Libros a la calle' campaign, promoted by Publishers Association from Madrid in the public transport.


Giulia Sagramola loves dogs, so you can imagine her happiness when Barkers commissioned her the image of its store...

El poder de la música

A voyage of discovery is the proposal of the documentary
El poder de la música. Más allá de Mozart (The Power of Music. Beyond Mozart), produced by Con Moto Cambra. Raul Allén illustrates the promotional poster.

Ice Horoscope

Icons that Giulia Sagramola designed for Vice Horoscope, with the zodiacal signs reinterpreted as ice cream, have been selected by American Illustration 33. Delicious reward for a refreshing job.Congratulations!

Caja España

The bank Caja España proposes an illustrated year with its calendar for 2014. Jesús Aguado, María Simavilla, Ana Pez and Carlos Velázquez are involved in this project.


Gianluca Folì collaborates with the Greenpeace’s campaign #freethearctic30

Health Council of Canada

Laura Pérez humanizes the analysis published by Health Council of Canada.

20 years with Feafes

Violeta Lópiz illustrates the campaign of the 20º aniversary of Feafes Castilla y León.

Pelayo Insurance

María Simavilla and Raccoon E-learning have designed this nice superhero for Seguros Pelayo, a Spanish insurance company. This cool character is the best sales expert.

El valor de un libro

Noemí Villamuza signs a new poster for Germán Sánchez Ruipérez Foundation, destined to the promotion of reading.

Le Cool

Gianluca Folì illustrated this cover for Le Cool.


Laura Pérez illustrates a promotion for WellPass, wellness and beauty services in France.

Like a Rolling

Laura Pérez illustrates the poster of
Como un Rolling (Like a Rolling), documentary film about the importance of a vital and active old age.

Life is an adventure

María Simmavilla illustrates for
ASOCYL, a deafblind association of Castilla and León (Spain), the motivating words of Helen Keller: "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing".


Violeta Lópiz illustrates the Christmas Greeting Card of Farmaindustria.

Verto & Greeno

Verto & Greeno adds two pleasures for the senses: the aromatic expression of extra virgin oil and the fun Iban Barrenetxea's labels.

Libros a la calle

Violeta Lópiz and Raúl Allén participate in 'Libros a la calle' campaign, promoted by Publishers Association from Madrid in the public transport.

Summer characters

Summer characters by María Simavilla. 

Tus sueños crecen aquí

La Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes anima a que los estudiantes hagan crecer sus sueños. Gianluca Folì ha ilustrado los materiales de su nueva campaña de comunicación desarrollada por Metáfora de Comunicación.

Perrault por Iban Barrenetxea

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